Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fearsome Four!

I'm a big fan of the Fantastic Four, their allies and their enemies. I have a number of incarnations of the core characters in action figure form. While I do enjoy the recent Fantastic Four movies - not the greatest, but entertaining - I'm not a big fan of the movie-based figures... as the Fantastic Four. The figures do provide some interesting custom fodder however. I turned a movie Thing into a Green Lantern for example.

Given Marvel's frequent use of alternate universes I decided that I'd make evil versions of the Fantastic Four. I couldn't let them run around with the same names as their goodie-good counterparts so I present to you the Fearsome Four!

They are Mr. Fearsome, The Invincible Woman, The Inhuman Torch, and It.

Mr. Fearsome here is a normal human - scratch that. Mr. Fearsome doesn't have super-powers. What makes him formidable? His amazing intellect for one, but more important is his complete lack of a conscious and compassion for others. He wears a protective, shock-absorbing suit of his own design. It can stop bullets and deaden the impact of most physical and energy attacks. He holsters a Luger pistol he picked up off of a fallen hero - Victor Von Hope - as a symbol of Hope's defeat. He is suspected to have a larger body count than even the Iron Maniac.

I created Mr. Fearsome off of a movie Mr. Fantastic and classic Mr. Fantastic head. Oh yeah - I cut the holster off of a Doom figure - the original Marvel Legends release. I had to put some sculpting material on the neck post but didn't have to cure it at all. Of course I just set him on a shelf, so that's probably why he hasn't broken.

The Invincible Woman is nearly as ruthless as her sometimes-lover, Mr. Fearsome. Her skin is unbreakable and she has the strength of many humans. She also has the power of flight. While she doesn't require a protective uniform, she wears a few scraps of fabric regardless. She likes the attention her look gets her. Mr. Fearsome considers her the applied force of the team - he sends her into situations that require muscle and the intelligent application of that muscle.

I made the Invincible Woman from a translucent movie Invisible Woman figure. I have to admit that I felt a little creepy giving this figure the base flesh-tone coat of paint that I put on as a primer. She appeared a little too naked. While I do love the naked ladies - I feel a little creepy making a naked action figure. I painted the boots, some pads, and a few parts of her uniform to give an impression that she's wearing a little something. Finding no appropriate demarcations on her waist or torso, I added some trimed-to-fit electrical tape. She came out a little paler than I'd like ideally, but overall she's pretty good.

Next up is the Inhuman Torch. He's a pyro-kinetic that particularly enjoys manifesting his flames in the form of frightening monsters. He has many uses to Mr. Fearsome, but typically he is employed as a rear-guard and as It's keeper. He is able to withstand the high temperatures he creates though he does not typically wrap himself in flames.

The Inhuman Torch is actually two figures - the first is made from a movie Mr. Fantastic with the Classic Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm head stuck on. I had to make some alterations to the neck of the figure to make his head fit, but I applied some scuplting material and painted it to match. I like the effect of the flamed-out eyeballs the original Johnny figure came with. The House of M Inhuman Torch is displayed alongside him in the group shot as a manifestation of his fire-powers.

Here's a great entry on the Inhuman Torch figure, from TNI's Marvelous News:

House of M: Inhuman Torch

The final figure of this little group is It. He's from the House of M boxset and seemed perfect just as he came. In my group he's similarly mindless and easily manipulated just like in the House of M comics. However, in my take on the character, he actually enjoys being deployed. He's worked up into a frenzy by the Inhuman Torch and then sent when Mr. Fearsome is looking for complete distruction. It is nearly indestructable and possesses great strength equal only perhaps to his rage.

Here's a great entry on the It figure, from TNI's Marvelous News:

House of M: It

In the future I plan to make my version of the Iron Maniac (created by Robert Kirkman for his MTU comic series) and Victor Von Hope.

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