Friday, November 5, 2010

Selling [almost] all of my Marvel Legends 6 Inch Figures!

I've decided recently to sell off nearly all of my Marvel Legends, Marvel Select, X-Men Classics, Fantastic Four Classics, Hasbro Hulk line, and pretty much all of the rest.

In addition to the normal retail figures, I'm selling off a lot of my custom pieces too. In fact I took the opportunity to finish up or flat-out make some customs to sell along with all the other figures. I started off with about 300+ figures to sell and so far I've sold 100 or so.

Following are a few of the customs I've sold that I hadn't previously posted - I don't think all these have been posted. Apologies if there are some duplicates.

Alpha Flight Puck:

I'm actually very happy with how this Puck custom turned out. He's made from a Super-Hero Showdown Juggernaut body and a Marvel Legends X-Men Boxset Wolverine head. I gave him a haircut, then cover the head with some scuplting material and added paint. The parts went together with a little bit of trimming and there you have it!

I would have pictured him with my Guardian, Sasquatch or even my US Agent custom but they all sold already!

Red Hulk:

Basically I used the Hasbro Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure Red Hulk head on a Marvel Legends grey Hulk body. I really didn't want to buy all the figures to assemble the actual Red Hulk figure so I made my own! Originally the red paint on the figure was intended to be a rough coat for subsequent coats of paint. I liked the un-even look enough I left it as is.
He sold pretty quickly too, so fortunately I'm not the only one that likes it.

Bobby Drake Ice Man:

Basically I did a thorough dry-brushing on him to make him more "frosty."

Isaiah Bradley from Truth:

This was criminally easy - I basically painted a classic Captain America in black face. I did feel conflicted about that when I was doing it - but the end result was a new character so I got over it. Again this guy sold quickly so I guess he was well-received.

I'll post more soon! If you're interested in my auctions, you should be able to follow this link to check them out:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Iron Grenadiers - Some Quick Shots

I mentioned to Don that I had posted a blog about my Iron Grenadier stuff, but turns out I didn't! Here are the pics - hopefully I'll have some time to dress this post up with some information. For now - the pics.

Group shot - showing the individuals and the army-builders. I've been fortunate to grab up a few con sets fairly cheaply. They make for a nice IG force!

Destro looking over the troops and their vehicles. I use the Iron Anvils as vehicle crewmen.

I really do need to dust off the vehicles and mock up a nice display area for these, but this is the best I can do for now. I've repainted a couple of IG figures, but haven't gotten to the Annihilators yet. They'll be black where they are current purple, red where orange, and - wait for it - gold where gold!

Destro and General Mayhem check out the newest MARS Industries Battle Mech

This is a custom "Kestrel" inspired by someone's work on

My take on the Rowdy Roddy Piper convention figure.

Repaint of the dreadful Voltar figure.

Yeah, I use the Star Vipers for the IGs - perfect deco for it!