Monday, March 16, 2009

Some X-Men

Prior to the ninth wave of Marvel Legends I only collected Star Wars and GI Joe in the 1:18 scale. I bought the ninth wave figures to collect the Galactus Build-A-Figure. This was after the announcement that Toy Biz was going to release their own 4-inch sized action figures, Super Hero Showdown. I figured that I'd sell off the figures, keep the Galactus, and then use him to throw-down with the combined forces of my Star Wars, GI Joe, and SHS armies. Well, SHS has long fallen by the way-side and here I am still collecting six inch figures with gusto.

Here are my X-Men. I've had to put a few in storage and probably should put a few more as the shelf has gotten crowded to the point where I can't pose them differently and whatnot.

On the right side I've got the good guys:

On the left side I put the baddies:

I tweaked out my Iceman figure. I wanted him to have a more "frosty" look. The base figures is the Bobby that was released in the X-Men Classics line. Basically I just put on a thick dry-brushing of white.

The version of Yuriko, or Lady Deathstrike, or Lady Deathstryke, that was released was pretty good. However I added some better sleeves after cutting off the fragments of sleeves she came with. Then - I had to "take off" her shirt. I just painted her chest in a similar flesh tone and touched up some of the pinker parts of her hands with a more realistic coloring.

Here's a reference shot from the fine folks at Wikipedia:

Here's my Dark Iceman from the eXcalibur book by Chris Clairemont. He introduced a team of Dark X-Men from another world. Before I had a Silver Surfer figure I actually made a custom from an X-Men Classics Iceman figure. I had just painted him with a glossy silver - done. I eventually got an authentic Silver Surfer and had this guy laying around. I cut off the tip of his nose and lips - that's how he appeared in one of the comics, then applied a thorough coat of the funky blue followed by a frosty dry-brushing.

I eventually plan to make the rest of the Dark X-men, but they're not terribly high on my to-do list. Here's another reference picture from the wikipedia entry:

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