Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mandie, Oh Mandie!

Here are a few Mandaloreans I've made in the past several years.

First up is one of the first custom figures I ever made. He was created to be the main character in a short story I was writing. I never got around to finishing the story, so until then, he remains nameless. He was created using a POTF2 Boba Fett (the deluxe rocket-pack version I believe), Obi-Wan head, and a Darth Vader cape.

Here is a Mandie Jedi Hunter. I never named him... I guess that's a theme with me. He's got a few trophies on his belt. I figured that his armor is made from that material that blocks light sabers... the name escapes me at the moment. That fact coupled with his natural ability with swordplay make nearly a match for a Jedi. Add in all the dirty tricks he's packed in to his armor and he's more than a match - he's a threat.

I feel like this guy isn't quite finished. I'd like to add a spool of silver chain and some additional paint apps. I made this figure probably seven years ago. I suppose it's about time I revisited him.

I picked up the Entertainment Earth exclusive Elite Forces of the Republic multipacks. I intended to pick up a second set and figured I'd make some customs out of these. Well I never got the second set though I did use the helmet from one figure to transform one clone into a Mandelorean warrior.

I believe he was the Clone AT TE Driver or some such. I scuplted over the armor and gave him a paint job similar to the highlight color on the helmet. I dremeled a hole in his back for the backpack and added what's-her-bucket's helmet.

Speaking of What's-her-bucket - I gave her the AT TE Driver's helmet and Endor Han's coat since I took her normal helmet and backpack. It was the least I could do.

Man - I gotta take better pictures, the prospective on these is ass. Thanks for bearing with me.

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