Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Trio of DC Custom Figures

Here are just a few customs I made a while ago. I was able to score several Superman/Clark Kent 2-packs and even a Batman/Batgirl 2-pack on clearance at Target for a ridiculously cheap price. I've used the Superman figures for my Yellow Lantern and Reverse Flash customs and my Batman as my Batzarro custom. My Clark Kents and the Batgirl figure did not escape my notice .

My Lex Luthor was made using a Clark Kent. I took an exacto knife and gave him a hair cut and some plastic surgery. A coat of paint and done.

Bruce Wayne here got a little trim and chin-job like Lex, followed with a paint job and Clark Kent got a lot richer.

My final presentation today is my repaint of the Batgirl figure. I wanted her to look more like she did in her initial appearances. I added a waist bag and then gave her several coats of paint. The yellow on the inside of her cape took several coats. I first painted it white as a primer and then did three full coats of yellow before I got good enough coverage.

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