Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A couple of figs to pay the bills...

I created some figures and am selling them on eBay to hopefully pay for some of the stuff I buy.

Here's the first one - the Iron Grenadier Heavy Weapons Specialist. He's basically the Destro from the Ultimate Battle Pack with an Iron Grenadier head and a big ol' honkin' gun.

Here's a little group shot for the folks back home:

The rest of the figures are a 4-man team that I threw together to penetrate enemy territory and extract a hostage. Yeah, I've got a pile of Sgt. Stalker figures from the UBP and a few heads. So, you get Stalker, Kamakura, Snake Eyes, and Duke. All equipped with kick-ass accessories from Marauder, Inc.

The mug shots:

These are all up on eBay - we'll see what happens. Hopefully I'll make some bank and buy more goodies!

UPDATE: The auctions ended - not as stellar as I hoped, but I managed to make a meager profit off of them. I made about enough to buy a new figure... So, I'll probably not make more of the 4-man team, but I am going to release the other 4 IG HW guys I made. The first one's ending price is now going to be the benchmark for the fixed price listing I'll have on the rest of him. Each sale will net me about $6.00. I'm not going to get rich, but that'll pay for the parts I used and the other extra parts plus give me a little something for my time.

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