Friday, March 6, 2009

Me Am Hate Bizarro World!

This are not my customs of Non-DC characters... okay okay, enough of that.

I'm a big fan of the Bizarro World guys - mostly because the whole concept is completely absurd. Here's the group shot:

First up is my version of the original, Bizarro himself:

I created him using a Marvel Legends Frankenstein figure, some paint, and a scrap of cloth from the fabric joint. I have the Mattel DCU version of this character and it's pretty good. I also wanted a version to have with my other Bizarro figures and the idea of creating a Bizarro off the Frankenstein base seems rather fitting. Some versions of the character have him come from an alternate reality while other versions have him created by Luthor, cloned from Superman's DNA.

Next up is my take on Batzarro:

There's a fairly good version of this character from DC Direct's Superman/Batman series, however it's just not my cup of tea. I made this from an extra DCU Batman I had collecting dust. I cut off the utility belt and put it back on upside down after I cut the lids of the pouches open. I added some sculpting material to the cowl to cover the eyeholes. Some hobby chain and several coats of paint completed the figure.

Next up, the Slowest Man Alive, Bizarro Flash (aka the Reverse Flash):

He's made from a DCU Superman body and the alternate head from the DC Direct Crisis on Infinite Earth Barry Allen figure. I used the same scheme as Professor Zoom, even though that's a different character from this one. I want to add some chains and weights to this figure but I haven't stumbled upon the ideal weights yet. The torso is a bit more muscular than I would like for a perfect figure, but oh well.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch - I am fan of the Green Lantern Corps after all - is the Man Afraid of Everything - the Yellow Lantern:

He's made from a DCU Superman figure and some scuply. I created a solid mask without eyeholes in the vein of Batzarro and a ring out of sculpting material. I put the ring on his left hand and tipped the lantern symbol on his side.

I plan on making a Wonder Woman Bizarro but I haven't found the appropriate base figure. She'll come along someday.

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