Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black Lantern - Scar and Cyborg?

Well here are two Black Lantern customs. Scar you'll probably be familiar with already, but probably not with Cyborg here.

Scar was created from my botched dye-job experiment on painted figures. The product of that experiment was not only ghastly ugly, but resisted most attempts at repainting. The dye would seep back out of the plastic and discolor the paint. I finally was successful in painting it after a few layers of oil-based enamel and just accepting the discolored blue for his skin tone. Scar was thus born.

Here's a little bit of fan-fiction. What happened was I had an extra Cyborg body and thought that it would be neat if he became a Black Lantern since his strictly biological life was over when he became mostly machine. I used the head and right hand from a Deathlok figure (the Cyborg was the Sonic Hand variant). I should probably figure out a way to put a Black Lantern symbol somewhere on there. For now, it's pretty good though.