Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Joe Customs

First up is my take on Doctor Venom from the Marvel Comics - 25th Anniversary style.

He's made using a Cobra Commander body, Cobra Soldier arms, and a modified Destro head. I actually cobbled most of this together from spare parts I didn't have any other use for otherwise. I added some hair to the Destro head to make it more of a actual head rather than the metal mask. I think he turned out pretty well.

I picked up a 25th Anniversary Arctic HISS on-line. I wanted it to have the normal armament while the missile rack would look great on a mainline HISS. Here's the frosty HISS (stickers not yet applied):

Here's the mainline HISS with missile weapons package:

Cobra Soldier: "Uh, Mr. Destro, Sir? I don't think- maybe being up here isn't a good idea..."

Destro: "Shuddap! Next time you won't make eyes at the Baroness!"

Last up is my Oktober Guard group-shot. I haven't made any customs for the Oktober Guard yet, though I do have a few on my list. Here's my current team: