Friday, November 20, 2009

A Few Marvel Customs

It's been a while so I'll just quickly throw up a few Marvel Customs I've done recently.


I knew that I'd have to pay through the teeth to get one of the ToyBiz figures, so I took my Thor-Buster Iron Man and re-deco'd him a bit. He's got some sculpy, then a black-wash, then a slight silver coat with blue-highlights.

Then up is my Fearsome Four ally, the Iron Maniac!

He was inspired by Robert Kirkman's Iron Maniac from the Marvel Team-Up series. I wanted to expand my Fearsome Four group and he came to mind. He's a First Appearance Iron Man with a War Machine gun, and a few sculpting bits.

He's not a very nice guy.

Oh and here's a nice blurry pic of his face without mask (and before the black-wash).


I basically got the idea for this from a few custom projects posted on-line. Sandman body with a Mr. Sinister head and cape part. I pitted the head to match the body, then painted the whole thing black and put the finishing touches on top.

Nick Fury - the Life Model Decoy:

Quick and easy - Terminator body with a Nick Fury head. Can't get easier than that.