Friday, February 27, 2009

Sly Rax - the MASK tribute custom

Several weeks ago I saw a really cool custom figure go up on eBay - it was a GI Joe 25th Anniversary style Sly Rax custom. I knew I had the parts and so I had a go at it. Here he is:

In my Joeverse I put him in with the Dreadnoks since he's a motorcycle-driving n'er-do-well. Yeah, I don't know of many of bikers that tuck in their shirt and button all they way up to the collar, but hey what the heck. He's made from the legs of Torch, Cobra Soldier torso and upper arms, Cobra Commander lower arms, Mutt Williams coat and head, with some slight modifications all around.

Here he is with his Stiletto mask:

I bought a large lot of "crap" figures that somebody had painted over several times as a child. There were quite a few jems in the lot - among them was Countdown's helmet. Which was used to create the Stiletto mask.

Finally, here is with his Piranha Motorcycle:

Yeah - it doesn't transform and has little in common with the original motorcycle. Truth is I just got it off eBay with a very good price and decided it'd make a great 'Nok vehicle. Turns out it was the best fit with ol' Sly here. I tweaked it a little bit, but mostly this is how I got it from the package. It is made from the Silver Mirage motorcycle with paint and some decals.

Next up on my MASK tribute tour is Miles Mayhem. I don't have the vehicle I want to stand in for his Switchblade helicopter but thanks to a suggestion from a friend I know what I want to get for it.

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