Friday, May 22, 2009

James Bond - 007 for Two Eras

Like most living males (and females for that matter), I'm a fan of James Bond and most of the James Bond movies. I grew up watching these movies at home, at Grandma and Grandpa's, with my dad, on my own, with my wife, etc. They're good for all purposes. Sean Connery was always my favorite Bond. When Daniel Craig came along, I still like Connery, but Craig was more a Bond for my generation - wahoo!

Here's my GI Joe 25th Anniversary style homage to Daniel Craig's Bond:

He's got a Snake Eyes Commando figure base with a Daniel Craig head from the Golden Compass's ill-fated toy line. The head seems a touch over-sized for the body, but whatever - it still works in my opinion.

The Real American Hero line of Joes is now and always will be my favorite line of GI Joe figures so I just had to make a similar Bond figure in RAH style. I had the body of a Snake Eyes and the head of a Flash left over from another custom figure, so I pulled a LBC (lazy-bastard custom) and threw them together:

I actually consider the RAH Bond to be a Roger Moore inspired figure. He most closely resembles the figure anyway.

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