Friday, May 8, 2009

Wings of Silver, Nerves of Steel... SILVERHAWKS!

When I was about 11 or 12 years old I was totally obsessed with the Silverhawks. I even designed and submitted ides for new vehicles and characters. I was so thrilled and yet bummed at the same time when I got my rejection letter - on Silverhawks letterhead if I recall correctly!

All the toys that I originally had were either completely destroyed from excessive play and/or were sold off at garage sales (curse you rummage sales!) Recently I've managed to score some really cheap lots and have collected several of the figures. I'm still looking for these:

Stargazer with Sly-bird
Steelheart with Rayzor
Moon Stryker
Quicksilver in Ultrasonic suit
Steelwill in Ultrasonic Suit
The Maraj

Recently I spotted an auction for a foreign version of Mon Star and unfortunately was out-bid on it.

Mon Star here still has the ability to switch heads and presumably retains the same articulation as the US release. Additionally he comes with a solid set of wings which along with his torso are plated in a metallic gold finish. He also comes with a recolored Airshock.

I have been unable to find any additional information regarding this figure. The seller describes it as Korean but I have not been able to confirm that. I don't know if any additional figures were made as part of the line. If you have any information on this figure, please let me know.


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  3. I can't get the picture to upload on here. Do you have an email address that i can send them to? Thanks

  4. Sure - you can send them to Commander.Y at

  5. Hey Gary, why did you remove your other comments? If this toy exists and was part of the Silverhawks line it is a big deal and we should get information out there about it.

  6. Ii have had all kinds of computer problems for the past few days i was trying to reply to ask for your email and the other post disappeared. I am sending you some pics to your email now.

  7. I sent the pics to your email i hope they went through.