Thursday, May 21, 2009

Matt Tracker and the Thunderhawk

Hasbro released a 25th Anniversary GI Joe figure in tribute to the M.A.S.K. line of toys and action figures. The character they chose was the main hero - Matt Tracker. They re-used some parts from existing figures and re-envisioned him with a helicopter backpack instead of a transforming vehicle. Fortunately they did supply him with a helmet:

Here's the original figure with the Thunderhawk vehicle:

and transformed:

I took off the helicopter backpack - I'll probably use that for a Brad Turner custom since he had a motorcycle that transforms into a helicopter AND the backpack is already the correct color. The harness, chest armor, and shoulder pads all came off too. I wanted a more basic appearance for the figure. Since my Matt Tracker is going to be enclosed in a vehicle I'll save the armor for Brad Turner as well.

Here's my Matt Tracker with the transforming car from the Dark Knight movie line of toys.

and transformed:

I'm pleased that the figure fits in the driver's seat in both modes rather well:

I thought about repainting the car to closer resemble the original Thunderhawk, but for now time constraints force me to leave it as is. I'll likely leave the current paint scheme rather than go with red/purple though there will be some cosmetic changes. The copper parts will either be silver or light gray. I'll replace the missile launcher with either a gatling-type gun or an air-to-air missile. Additionally, I'll fit an extra piece of plastic to cover the massive sunroof.

So far in my MASK/GI Joe cross-over figures I have: Matt Tracker with Thunderhawk and Sly Rax with Piranha. I've got plans for Brad Turner, Gloria Baker, Miles Mayhem, and Cliff Dagger. Now all I need is time - sweet time!

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