Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's really Wonderful, Woman!

Here are my Wonder Woman figures:

From left to right: Cheetah, Ares, Wonder Woman, Circe, Artemis, White Gorilla, Wonder Girl, and Kingdom Come Wonder Woman standing in for WW's mom - Hippolyta.

Here's a close-up of the custom White Gorilla that I made. The character appears in the earlier issues of the current volume Wonder Woman comic series. Wonder Woman is in Africa and encounters the tribe of intelligent gorillas that Grogg once sought to lead. A group of the gorillas follow Wonder Woman back to the US where they hope to prove useful to her. They have in some fairly funny ways. The figure was made on a King Kong movie figure with some lame action feature. I painted several coats of white with various tinting to give it some depth. I painted the fleshy bits and then painted his nails. He actually turned out all right I think.

For Hippolyta I'd like to make her appear like she does in the Amazon Attack series. I think she's already close so it shouldn't be hard - I just need the time.

I don't have a shelf for these guys so they have to hang out in a plastic bin for now. Perhaps I'll rotate out some other characters someday and clear these a place.

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