Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steel Brigade Rolls into Town

In the Hey-Day of GI Joe, Hasbro offered a mail-in exclusive action figure that came with a customized file card. You filled in the name, specialty, and whatnot. It was really cool and a fun figure. The figure had a number of variations but basically he looks like this:

Steel Brigade 1987 on

[Thanks to for compiling and disseminating this and TONS of very helpful informaiton]

The GI Joe Fan Club produced a number of additional members of the Steel Brigade sub-team as souvenir items for the 2005 GI Joe Convention. I wasn't able to attend the convention, but over the past couple of years I've been able to score some really fantastic deals and put together my only little group. They needed a ride so I gave them the DTC R.H.I.N.O. and off they go!

In my Joeverse the Steel Brigade provide site security for high risk locations in embattled zones. The RHINO rolls in:

The RHINO land and air vehicles are both operated by a Steel Brigade Squad Leader (Steel Brigade Commander as named by Hasbro). The Unit Commander is Ironhide (Gung-Ho v17). The crazy tail-gunner there is Dragon Fire (Dragonsky).

The helicopter deploys very smoothly and is ready for take-off.

Once the copter is clear the troops pile out to secure the scene.

When the action's done, the unit gets together for a group photo:

I equipped all the members of my Steel Brigade with this fine weapon from the great folks over at Marauder's Gun-runners:

NCM Rifle

I likely won't be adding any custom figures or additional troops as this works rather well. I might equip them with a transport, but that's definitely a low priority as this unit is great the way it is.

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