Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GI Joe SWAT Team

Who do the Joes call when they need help? They call their SWAT division!

Here's my little group of Bullhorn, Shockwave, and Surefire (with added goatee):

Here come the reinforcements!

Here's the group shot of my custom figures. That's my counterfeit convention Long Arm, Shockblast, fan-fic Ram, and Low-Light.

There's no way that I can afford these particular club exclusives. To create Ram, I used the Low-Light torso and Shockwave legs that I had left over making Shockblast and the head from Salvo.

Here's the whole gang all together. That's the V1 Surefire figure there in the middle, I renamed him Breach. He drives the SWAT Hammer.

I picked up the SWAT accessories pack from the Gunrunners at Marauders, Inc. Great stuff!

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