Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few GI Joe Customs

Here are a few GI Joe custom figures I've put together over the past couple of years:

First up is Agent Deming. This is truly a LBC or lazy-bastard-custom, HISS Driver legs and waist, Baroness arms and torso, with a Bombstrike head. I was going to match the red portions of the legs and waist to the blue of the torso but then I either decided I liked it this way or I got lazy. Probably I just got lazy. Perhaps I'll revisit this one later on.

Cadet Deming was the ill-fated Cobra trainee from the Sunbow cartoon series. I figured she got herself some head-shrinkage and got back to work.

Next up is a figure that I'm not entirely sure I'm keeping. I call him Cast Iron and have him as the Commander of the Viper units. He's made with the body of a Cobra Officer V2, the head from a Skull Squad Trooper, and a hollowed-out cast of a Viper head. In retrospect I should go back and hollow-out the helmet more and match the color better.

Cast Iron is a Viper that rose through the ranks and served with distinction (mostly he didn't get his ass killed). Cobra Commander rewarded him with a new post as Commander of the Viper units.

Here's a quick little Cesspool tweak - a head-swap to give this character a bit more dignity. Cesspool head on a Cobra Commander body.

This is my counterfeit or "tribute" figure of the Cobra d Aco figure. That's a Snake Eyes head on a Flash body. I really need to get a Cobra Sigil sticker.

Finally comes my Skystriker figure with new helmet. I always thought it was weird that while the original Skystriker figure has Wild Weasel's body that he's got a combat helmet instead of a flight helmet! I fixed that and added some cute whiskers to boot. Well, cute or French - you decide!

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  1. The whiskers made me laugh. I'm thinking, Snoopy gonna shoot him down?

    Rest are all solid. I did a Cobra de Aco too, and am in no hurry/rush to do a Cobra Sigil. Just because he is a member doesn't mean he should advertise, does it?

    If you change anything on Agent Demming, make the non-armored parts of her pants match the top.