Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SDCC Hal Jordan DCD Lantern Exclusive figures

I don't usually feel bad when I can't make it to conventions - if I did I'd feel bad year-round! However, this year I'm bummed that I won't make it to the San Diego Comic-Con. This is partially because I'll actually be in San Diego right around that time, but I'll miss it by a few days. Mostly though it's a pair of exclusive deals that I'm going to miss out on - the Hal Jordan figures as different Lanterns and the 30-inch Anti-Monitor figure from Mattel.

Here's a look at the Hal Jordan DC Direct figures:

That's the normal Hal Jordan as Green Lantern figure in front, then from left to right - Red Lantern, Agent Orange, Blue Lantern, and finally Sinestro Corps. Each day at the Graphitti booth a different figure will be available (limit two per person). Each figure comes with a wearable replica ring. I have no idea what the price point is on each of these, but I'm betting the eBay price will be around $60 to $80. I'm planning to make custom versions of some of these figures - definitely the Red Lantern, I'm not entirely sure on when/how exactly I'll do the others. Of course if anyone can hook me up with these figures, let me know. :)

The second deal is the Anti-Monitor figure:

Now, this appears to be a picture of the smaller version that will be available as a mail-order later on, but you get the idea. A 30-inch Anti-Monitor would tower over my six inch DC related figures in a really pleasing manner. So much so that I will likely pick up one of those Batman or Superman giant figures and customize one of my own.

The 30-inch figures will be raffled off at least one per day during the convention. I'd pay $100 at retail for one of these but there's no chance of seeing that happen.

On a side note I'm elated that Mattel will make a Wonder Twins 2-pack of figures available to the general public after SDCC but they will not include the Gleek figure that is an SDCC exclusive.

UPDATE on the Green Lantern figures: I have to admit that I've been tempted at some of the pre-order auctions on eBay, but even the cheapest one is going for about 50 to 60 bucks PER figure! I decided that instead of spending that kind of money that I'll just customize a few of my own. The cost of 4 DCUC Green Lantern figures = $56. The Sinestro Corps variant Sinestro is going for about $35 so a headswap with that figure for the Sinestro Corps Hal Jordan wouldn't be out of the question. Better articulation this route for less than a third of the overall cost.

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