Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Blackest Night - More Meat for the Grinder!

I'm a big fan of the Green Lantern characters, so I've been very excited about the upcoming "event" from DC Comics. Normally, I'm not a fan at all of these things. In fact, these over-blown crossover events really piss me off most of the time. I guess now that it's finally a character, or group, that I actually care about it's different.

My customs-to-be-made list is dominated with Green Lanterns and related figures. Here are a few I was able to do recently.

First up is my Green Man Green Lantern figure.

I used a DC Classics Hal Jordan, and in retrospect should probably have used a different head. I cut off Hal's hair and smoothed his head a bit. I added some white sculpting material to the hands to change him from having five digits to just the three. I painted his head to match the limited reference pictures I have and done.

Next up is a member of the Sinestro Corps - Romat Ru.

The Sinestro Corps variant Sinestro figure from Mattel's DCUC line isn't very impressive. The figure is much too short and generally doesn't resemble Sinestro's body type. Fortunately, I have the much better DC Direct Sinestro Corps Sinestro figure coming in the mail. I popped off DCUC Sinestro's head and then frankenstein'd Tomar Re's head on from the Green Lantern box set of figures. I then painted the hands to match the orange skin and his mask to match the yellow uniform.

I saved my favorite for last, Red Lantern Hal Jordan.

I popped the head off of a DCUC Green Lantern Hal, and plopped on a Magneto head from the X-Mens Marvel Legends boxset figure. I was going to scupt an eye mask on, but decided to paint one on instead.

Here's a comparison picture of my Red and Green Lantern Hal Jordan figures.

Here's in-progress picture:

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