Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Young Avengers - ASSEMBLE!

I'm a big fan of the Young Avengers. I know that a lot of the hard-core comics fans out there viewed the Young Avengers as rip-offs or lame - whatever - they're fun.

Here's my group-shot of the original line-up:

That's Patriot, Asqardian, Iron Lad, Hulkling, Hawkeye (II), and Stature

Here's the most recent group:

That's Patriot, Hawkeye (II), Wiccan, Speed, Hulkling, Vision, and Stature

I'll showcase a the customs figures from those shots. Up first is Hawkeye (II):

She's a movie Jean Gray with the spare head from Elektra, the glasses from a Doc Ock, and the bow and arrow from a Chronicles of Narnia figure. I'm not set on the bow/arrow, but before I paint it I'm going to see if I can track down a better set.

Hulkling here just got his hair done:

Basically he just got some blonde hair to better match his comic appearance.

Here comes Speed:

He's a heavily modified Wiccan figure. I cut off all the extra padding and bits of armor and then smoothed him out a bit with the dremel.

Last up is my pair of Vision and Stature:

He is a repainted Iron Lad with a cape from a Black Panther. She's made from a 12-inch Fantastic Four movie line Invisible Woman (clear version).

Here's a close-up of just Vision:

That's that. I need a better bow for my Hawkeye, perhaps a Stature that isn't quite so endowed to better represent an early teens girl, and some touch-ups here and there. Oh, goggles for Speed. Other than that I like these quite a bit. How about you?


  1. These are all now up for sale, ending 3/20/2011

    here's the link for Stature, click view other items for the rest: