Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Marvel Customs and a Tweak

When Toybiz created their dog-faced Ultron for the Legendary Riders wave of figures, initially I was very excited. That is I was excited until I saw the monstrosity - and I call it that not in a good way. That figure was horrid. I needed an Ultron though so I took a XMC Ruby Laser Cyclops or whatever he was called and sculpted a new head for him. Initially I tried to retain the red light feature from the Cyclops figure, but there was no way to harden the sculpting material without wrecking the electronics. I used some plastic tree parts from a model kit to finish off the head and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I painted him with a gray primer coat on the metallic red, then used a liberal coat of silver paint on top. I put a few spots of red on the eyes and mouth to finish him off. He's supplied with the glider from the Toybiz Ultron figure.

Next is my take on the US Agent character. I used an extra Cyclops figure from the ML9 wave of figures and the head and shield from ML1 Captain America (I got him for like $3 from a junk shop). He was pretty straight-forward after that - red parts, black parts, and then "flag" pattern on his torso.

I'm surprised that there's no recent Crimson Dynamo figure either from ToyBiz, Hasbro Marvel Legends, or even the Iron Man movie line. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before one comes out. I'll demote my Crimson Dynamo down to a proto-type version or something if it's a good version.

Back when KB Toys was still around they'd have figures from obscure toylines that I had never seen nor heard of anywhere else. I picked up this base figure from some video game line or something. I stripped off some superfluous parts, then created a new head from sculpting material. I chopped up the chain-gun/blaster thing he came with and created his jetpack/backpack from it. It worked out rather well.

Last up is just a tweak - I wanted a Sentry figure that actually resembles the character as he appears in the comics. I put on some long hair, cured it, then painted it with a few different colors to give it more life.

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