Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Group-shots and Backgrounds (Part 2)

As promised, I'm back with more. Today I'll start off with Metropolis:

This one I created by using buildings from several different cities again, just like Gotham. I added in an artistic fence to give the impression of being on a rooftop. I'm most happy with my Brianiac though. I used some dome from an ice rink or something, some cartoon tentacles, and the skull from the Punisher. Like the Bat-Signal in Gotham, I wanted something that really stood out of just a normal backdrop.

Here's Metropolis over-crowded with the super-folk.

You'll notice that I added a side-image to this shelf:

I made this basically the same way as I did the background except I added the "Daily Planet" symbol. This was accomplished by cutting the plastic bubble from a DC Direct Jimmy Olsen figure and painting the inside. I first painted the letters black. Then I painted several coats of gold before putting on a thicker coat of white-yellow mix. Basically it's the reverse process of painting you'd do anywhere else because the first layer of paint you put on is shown on top - so letters (details) first, then gold ("top layer") next, and finally the primer coat.

Here's the original side image:

This one you've already seen, but I don't think I showed the original background - the Green Lantern Space Scene. (I know - catchy title)

This is actually the first background image I did. The various parts of the space scene have wildly varying resolutions. I probably would change that if I were re-doing this one. Regardless I still like it.

Here's the groupshot - battle-damaged Manhunter, new Abin Sur, and new Tomar Re from the recent DC Direct box-set are all added.

Here's my first venture into the Star Wars universe: Yavin.

Yeah, I like it too. I used a couple of different ruins for the main temple and the larger temple in the background. Images of Saturn and Neptune make up the sky. I tinted everything slightly pink to make it appear like an alien world. Fog made the larger temple in the background seem more distant. I cobbled together some antenna and radar dishes to add a technological contrast with the Mayan temple.

I haven't set this shelf up yet - but it will be New Jedi Order Era on one side, with a little space on the other for the Young Jedi Academy-ish period.

That does it for now. If I suddenly come into a lot more free time I'd like to start in on some Marvel backgrounds. Well, until next time.

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