Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Dr. Crusher

Around the time that Star Trek: The Next Generation started airing back in 1987 or so, Playmate got the toy license and started producing four inch figures in the vein of Kenner (now Hasbro) Star Wars figures. They were about eight years behind on the technology - but whatevs.

Here's my little group shot:

Here we have the six inch Shuttlecraft (fits in better than the four inch one IMO), the main characters in their Season One appearance, and my custom made Dr. Crusher. I find it amusing that of the female characters Playmates picked to make, they went with the chick that gets killed in the first season. Oh well.

Dr. Crusher is made from the body of a Tasha Yar figure, the head off some Medieval looking chick, and a scrap of cloth. I need to trim off some of the threads, but the overall effect is good I think. I planned on making Deanna Troi first but I found the head better matched Crusher and I wouldn't have to paint the hair. I put the "pregnancy-hiding" lab coat on to make her stand out a bit more.

In the future I plan on making a Deanna Troi, putting a beard on Riker, and probably a Barclay.

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