Friday, January 23, 2009

Over two and a half years?!?!?!

Wow - I'm a super writer. Just look at all that I've accomplished here in the last two and a half years! I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Some of you may know that I'm an avid toy collector and have been for nearly a decade now. Additionally, I like to customize or "kit-bash" my toys (as the cool kids say). My cousin, Don, recently started a blog to post some of his work and he suggested that I do the same. I have to give Don credit for starting me down the dark path of action figure customizing. It was a stormy night back in naught-1 or so. Don called me up on the land-line (that's how cellphones used to be back then). He told me that I should run down to the local Toys R Us (TRU to the cool kids) and grab up a bunch of clearance action figures. I told him that it was quite all right since I had the ones available there already. He wondered if I had enough fodder. I said that I wasn't planning a land war in Russia and therefore don't need much in the way of fodder. He then suggested that I stop drinking so much and pick some up for making custom figures. After thoroughly cussing him out for suggesting such a vulgar thing, I asked for clarification on the customizing thing. Don't worry, he said, I'll come pick you up in a minute.

The rest is history. About 500 customs later I sit here - in my basement - despondent, drunk, balding, and over-weight - wondering why I can make toys but I can't make them happy! Well that's another matter I suppose.

Soon, I promise, soon I will have some pictures and discussion up here of my lovelies and the voices in my head can then only congratulate me on a job well attempted rather than berate me for dreams crappily done.

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