Monday, January 26, 2009

GI Joe: Headhunters!

Every year the GI Joe Collector Club, Master Collector, releases a set of action figures exclusive to the annual GI Joe Convention. In 2008, their set was based on the Cobra Headhunters. I never had any of the Headhunters, Stormtroopers, or Headman figures the first time around. (I refer to my childhood years playing with toys to be my "first time around.") I didn't have much nostalgia or fondness for this group as they were released after I had stopped playing with toys.
However, the BATs I am rather interested in having. When I saw that BATs were included with this set I started paying a lot more attention. I preorderd the boxed and loose sets - figuring that I would sell off most of the Headhunter figures to cover the cost of my glorious BATs.
Once I got the figures I was immediately impressed and decided to keep several of them. Furthermore, I created several new members for this set in the new deco of the Headhunters.
The picture here shows my Headhunters as they are currently composed.

First off, I wanted to display the leader of the Headhunters - Headman himself! Of course in the comic continuity he is deceased, but whatevs. He is a straight-up repaint of the Headman V1 figure.

In addition to the 15 figure set the club makes additional sets that are originally available only to convention attendees and if there are any remaining afterward they are made available on-line. None of the attendee-only Headhunter Driver figures were made available on-line so I had to counterfeit my own version. He is a repaint of the Headhunter V1 figure.

Here is my first fan-fiction addition to the set, Needles. I created him as an assassin that specializes in poison and close-quarters kills. He is created from the body of Metal-Head V2 and the head of Snake Eyes V4.

Next is a transferee, Decimator. I re-created him as Sniper/Assassin for the Headhunters. He has Decimator V1's arms, torso, and helmet; Dr. Mindbender V1's waist and legs; and comic pack General Hawk's head.

Here he is with helmet off.

Finally, since I had the parts available, I created an additional BAT figure. Unable, really unwilling, to take the time I painted him up as a prototype BAT. Eventually he'll hang in the BAT laboratory with wires hanging out and whatnot. Until then he'll hang out with the Headhunters.

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