Monday, January 26, 2009

Cobra's Black Ice and Black Ice Viper

Not to be left out of the exclusive figure racket - Joe Canuck - the Canadian GI Joe Club - created a few of their own convention exclusive figures. As opposed to the 800 to 1000 sets made by the US group, Joe Canuck made I think 25 to 35 of these bad boys. There's little to no chance that I would ever get my hands on an authentic version, so I did what I do and created my own counterfeit version. Additionally, as I was looking for reference information I stumbled on a Black Ice Viper created by Scramble over on I created Black Ice as close to the official version as possible aside from upping the contrast on the gray bits. I created this version of the Black Ice Viper to serve as his driver/retrieval expert. Eventually I'll do up a version of the Cobra WOLF for them sometime. I won't make it black, rather I'll keep it white since it is an arctic vehicle after all, but I will make some other modifications to make it unique.

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