Thursday, February 12, 2009

GI Joe movie toys

Images of the action figures and toys related to the new GI Joe: Rise of Cobra movie have started to surface. The action figures bear a good likeness to the actors playing the roles, but look more like Godzilla themed figure rather than Joe figures. Completely gone are the campy uniforms of days past. I'm saddened to think that the phenomenal 25th line of figures will be replaced by the movie line. I hope that after a few waves of these "realistic" figures are completed that we will see a return of classic-inspired beauties. We still need a Zap figure after all.




That Night Raven looks pretty awesome - probably the best offering of the lot. The Mobile Command Center I'll need to see more of, but for now looks like the equivalent of a transforming batmobile/batcave monstrosity.

I hope we'll see better offerings than these over time.

UPDATE: I'm excited to see that the line will become GI Joe Movie and GI Joe Classic with a very impressive offering for the Classic line in the Assault on Cobra Island and Defense of Cobra Island 7-packs coming this July:


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