Friday, March 4, 2011

More Custom Six-Inch Marvels

Here are some additional customs that I made and/or sold on eBay lately.

This is "Truth". He was just a skin-job. I took the classic Cap figure out of the package, gave him a darker skin tone = done. He sold - well.

Skrull Colossus and Skrull Cyclops. I'm keeping the Colossus for use with my Marvel Universe figures - his six inch height will make him a Giant-Man/Colossus hybrid as seen during the Secret Invasion event. Cyke is for sale, but not moving fast as of yet. Colossus is a Mr. Sinister with Skrull head + paint. Cyke is a Skrull body + modded Cyclops head.

Nick Fury, of SHIELD, in business suit. Clark Kent from DCSH with the Nick Fury head from the recent 2-pack + a little sculpy for the neck post. Listed but not moving mast.

SHIELD group-shot. Jet-pack soldier, Modern Nick Fury, Black Widow LMD (Battle Damaged), and others. The Modern Nick Fury was an Ultimate Nick Fury with headswap from the 2-pack and a harness (from the Jet-pack soldier). The Black Widow LMD was originally a battle-damaged Terminator X that my old friend Snake-Eggs from Mexico made. I believe there was a post about Snake Eggs so I won't bore you with the details. Needless to say he won't be getting anything from this sale as he has owed me money for years now. Modern Nick and the JetPack soldier both sold, but the LMD is not moving fast.

Jocasta! I took FF box-set Invisible Woman body and gave her a modded Mystique head. Then I painted it all white, then all silver. Easy-peasy, and sold! Yes - I am basically using whatever parts from my parts bin to make sale-able customs. It makes more financial sense than just selling a box of parts!

Skrull Wolverine, Skrull Mr. F and Spider-Woman. She sold before I could Skrullify her. The other two have not yet sold. I don't think I've sold a six-inch Skrull custom yet. Perhaps I'm looking for too much. I did sell two 4-inch Skrull customs (thing and human torch) that I'll have to put pictures up of sometime soon.

This is my normal Hasbro Fantastic Four Classics Mr. Fantastic. I used a Torch body and elongated Mr. F head to make this appearance. He's not my best work. The paint job is sub-par and I should have smoothed out the "flames" better. Regardless - he sold!

Emma Frost head fix. Sold.

Iron Lantern - from the Amalgam Universe! I had the GL Hal Jordan head and actually a Magneto body left over (from making the Red Lantern Hal Jordan custom!). I painted him to more or less match the actual Amalgam Universe appearance (minus the helmet of course). He hasn't sold yet - but I'm not surprised. How many people even remember the Amalgam Universe?

That's it for now! I'm down to the home stretch of about 30 to 40 figures left to sell.


  1. Some nice looking stuff, Cuz! Nice to see you working again.

  2. Thanks! I haven't had much time in a single block, so most of these were done in five minute increments!
    Once I sell through these, hopefully I'll have more space for nice displays/settings.