Monday, March 28, 2011

DREADNOKS! (I found some old pics)

A few years ago, after I took down my USS Flagg, I put out all my Dreadnoks - well all the 'noks I had up to that point. This is just a table that I had in my basement, so no background shots or diorama stages yet.

Here is my custom firebat. I think I'll likely give it a better paint job - ie something like how the 'noks would paint it up. The story is that as part of their pay for doing jobs for Cobra, they got to raid the junked vehicles and spare parts. This thing still has some power, but not enough for sustained flight - just enough to go cruising through swamps and short hops to get the surprise on the Joes. I added a fixed cannon for some added firepower. In my old notes I called it the Dreadnok Wombat - but since wombats are particularly well known for their ability to fly I should probably change it. Dreadnok Swamp-Turkey? Flying Squirrel?

I think that I have 18 or 24 of the Dreadhead figures. For a while there these guys were going dirt-cheap. I'd buy the set for a fairly low price, then sell off the other figures and usually end spending just a few bucks per. I also created a custom using the same parts as a squad leader or whatever. I've got these guys as crew on vehicles and performing whatever tasks around the 'Nok camps and bases.

Copperhead always struck me more as a Dreadnok than a Cobra. Everything from his color-scheme to his vehicle choice to his filecard bio. So I gave him an even more Dreadnok-ish paint job and a new position on the 'Noks.

I turned some spare parts into a new Dreadnok vehicle. In this case, the vamp was a badly painted custom I got in a lot of other junk. I cleaned it up a little, added some guns and threw together a new driver. Bam. Done. I called this vehicle the Gun-runner as it apparently is used to run guns as that's evil the Dreadnoks are bad guys. Sure, makes sense. Though the vamp isn't well known for it's cargo space. I should re-think that. The driver's name is Nitro.
Yes - that is a Jason custom in the background. He is cool. He even has a disfigured head under the goalie mask. I'll probably get around to posting about him someday.

Here are my Dreadnok versions of the HISS and Snow Cat. I call them the Dragon and the Swamp Masher (II). The HISS was rather fun to do, I added some accessory pack missile launchers and gave it a sold paint job. Eventually I think I might re-do the guns into flame-throwers as that was the original inspiration for the name. The Snow Cat didn't get much modification - just a paint job and replacement missiles. I left the canopy off as I figured that in a swamp they wouldn't need it.

This wolverine vehicle (and similar deco'd Ferret) were purchased off of ebay, pretty much as is. The original owner made them as custom Warhammer vehicles, but I think they look great as Dreadnok stuff. I called the Wolverine the Warhammer in honor of that. I think that I'll paint all the missiles with that spiral paint-job as it's pretty cool looking.

Just another shot of my Dreadheads.

And finally a ground-level shot.

I'm looking forward to setting up a massive display for these guys. Since these pictures were taken I've added quite a few more pieces. I got a few guys with dirt bikes, the Convention Dreadnok STUN and two Convention Cycles. There's also a few more motorcycles and diorama pieces.

In addition, I've added a few more figures - several custom figures, but also the Viper (version 4) got added to the rank. The story on that is Cobra Commander insisted that a few of his Vipers accompany Zartan and the noks on a particular mission. In response to being forced to have these outsiders around, Zartan made them wear these ridiculous uniforms as punishment.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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